What is the American Dream Essay

It is a hard task to deal with the great Gatsby American Dream essay, actually. Especially, it is hard to define the American dream essay for the first time. And it is always hard to find some great topic for the essay.
But, it is much easier if your professor gives you the topic to deal with. There could be the prompts like “compare” or “illustrate”. Also, he can ask you to do the right interpretation or an analysis of the topic.
Let’s find out what is the American Dream essay and what are its main parts.

The Great Gatsby American Dream Essay Parts

Thesis Statement
First of all, you should remember that your thesis statement is the foundation of your whole essay. You should start to brainstorm your ideas as soon as possible. You should stop just as you are able to say “I have a dream essay idea.” And it will be your best one, actually. Try to narrow down your thesis to make it more clear and brief. It should be just within your essay’s limits. There are just three types of the thesis statements: definition, cause and effect, or solution. It means you can do the definition of the problem. Or you can identify the causes and effects of your topic. Or you also can suggest the solution for the problem.
Research and Outline
You should not hurry up writing. Before you start, you should do the research job for your main topic. You should find some supporting facts for your ideas. There should be enough information for you not to do some extra research while writing your paper already. So, you should try to find as many facts as you can. Every point should connect properly to your thesis statement. You can even make a plan for your essay. It will help you to be well-organized. You can turn your simple note into some special sort of an outline.
Consider your style
Every great and successful college essay is clear and well-organized. The style of writing is academic. You should be very careful with your words, actually. There should be no slang or some offensive expressions.
It is a very important step in your essay creating. You should read your text with different methods. For example, you can read through your introduction and conclusion passing the body paragraphs. You should be sure that your text is clear and easy to understand. Also, you should identify the strongest parts of your content. Then you should identify the supporting connection between these points. Besides of that, you can read just first sentences of your text to identify the supporting factor for your thesis statement. Then you can read each paragraph separately to make sure it follows your main idea and goal. And the last step for your revision would be reading your essay aloud. You should work this step out until you are satisfied with your text completely. Also, you can give your essay for your friend or relative to read it and give you feedback.

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