What Is Leadership Essay?

Essays on leadership are often required to enroll in a certain educational program. They can deal with various aspects of leadership – personal qualities of a good/bad leader, your own leadership experience, your understanding of the concept itself or all of it together.
The secret of a good essay on leadership is mixing up everything mentioned above. You should not focus on one aspect, if you can actually touch on each of them. The more diverse your paper is, the better.
What is leadership essay focus?
Every essay of this kind should focus on you as its primary object of interest. There are other types of papers, such as lab reports and research papers, where impartiality of judgment is the most important thing. In leadership essays, however, you should express your own opinion/describe your own experience. This essay is always subjective, and, thus, your personality drains through every line and every paragraph.
This is the very purpose of those who ask you to write one: they want to evaluate you as a leader and thus decide whether you are good enough for their educational institution.

How to write essay on leadership?

If assigned to write an essay about leadership, first of all calm down. There are no rules you should follow, and your freedom is almost unlimited. Of course, there might be some specific questions you should answer in your paper, but besides them, there are no boundaries for your thought and creativity.
Then, take a dictionary and find a definition of leadership. Ideally, it looks a bit like this:
“A process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.” (Chemers M. (1997) An integrative theory of leadership).
The words are clear, but hollow until you fill them with your own understanding, and this is exactly what you do in a leadership essay.
Once the dictionary definition has been written down, move to the main body of your work. In these few paragraphs, you have to provide valid examples from your life, when you or someone you know demonstrated (probably, unexpectedly) the qualities of a true leader. Stay focused and do not overflow your reader with irrelevant information. Do not take more than three anecdotes, if any at all.
If you were asked to answer a specific question, make sure that your thought doesn’t wander around. It is quite useful to make a small chart displaying the relation between your thoughts and the topics you elaborate on. Do it before you start writing and then use it to make sure that you are still on the track.
A leadership qualities essay would require you to describe a situation where such qualities were demonstrated by you or some other person.
A good conclusion for any leadership essay is your own definition of leadership made based on the dictionary definition and elaborations of the main part. Make sure you don’t simply rewrite the dictionary, but rather process it in view of your life experience and personal opinions.
In case you still feel lost, there are multiple leadership essay examples available online, including our website. Download a few to get a general idea, and the process will be much easier for you.

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