Two Part Assignment Part 1: Basic components: Identification of agency (mission

Two Part Assignment
Part 1:
Basic components: Identification of agency (mission, vision, population served); Problem statement; Best practices.
1. Students must identify their field placement agency (or work, etc). and give a description of the agency. The physical location of the agency, the population the agency serves, the mission and vision, the programs the agency offers. This information can generally be found on the agency website. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE FROM THE WEBSITE! You must cite it properly in APA. While the mission and vision will of course be direct quotes, the description, population, etc., must be in you own words. (It is VERY easy to intentionally or unintentionally plagiarize this portion of the assignment please be cognizant of the hazard.)
2. How the programs meet the mission of the agency. If the agency is a hospital with several programs, at times literally 100’s, identify clinical (allied to social work) departments and how they meet the mission.
3. Identify the problem that you want to address. NOT THE SOLUTION but the problem. Identification of the problem and why it’s a problem (e.g. How many individuals suffer from the problem (can be found either from websites or agency stats), and what causes the problem?).
4. Formulate a formal problem statement.
5. What are the best practices to deal with the problem – with the population that the agency serves – that meets the mission of the agency.
It is expected that you will have several citations including but not limited to:
1. agency website or literature
2. Identification of problem prevalence (best would be national or state compared to local but if not available what is happening at the agency which would still be cited
3. How the problem is defined (construction of social problem)
4. Best practices – this will take several articles – PLEASE DO NOT DO A SYNOPSIS OF THE ARTICLES!
***My field placement is Abusive Partners Program of Palm Beach
Located in Boca Raton, Fl since 2001, but the program was initially established in 1997 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. The target population ranges from substance abusers, batterers, and the mentally ill. The sole proprietor and owner of the practice is Marion Stamm. Here’s brief bibliography of Marion:
“Marion’s private practice targets the substance abuse and mentally ill population. With the statistics surrounding both populations continuing rise in Florida, presently, as they did at the commencement of Marion’s private practice, she found herself advocating for a group of individuals whose victims she once treated and advocated for. Marion made the transition between populations after her time as the Vice President of Aid to Victims of Domestic Assault and Program Chair of the National Organization of Women, Florida Chapter. During her time in those positions, she realized, early on, the challenges of working with domestic violence victims. Therefore, she opted towards targeting the opposing populations with the intent to assist in the decrease of domestic violence victim rates. Marion’s former position, as a parole officer, allowed her to become acquainted with court officials, who were pleased to recommend her services to their clients. Marion’s notoriety also allowed her to be listed as a provider on the Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts’ website with five other providers, her being the first.”
**The agency doesn’t have a website, but here’s a link that provides information about the agency as well as services and treatment that are offered.
**The agency doesn’t have a mission statement, so this portion of the assignment can be fabricated.
**Problem statement: This should address the inconsistency within the practice, as it relates to the structure of the sessions. Although there is a curriculum to follow , it is rarely incorporated during sessions which may inhibit a client’s ability to gain insight that will address their presenting problem.
2nd Part:
In this portion of the assignment, the student is asked to develop the goals and objectives of the program that they will be designing. The goal should come directly from the problem statement that they identified in the paper (if the student wants to change the problem to be addressed that’s fine but must address the problem again as well as best practices that address that problem). The objectives of the program will come from the best practice that they have chosen to address the problem.
Restatement of the problem
Long term goal of the program
Behavior change that participants must make to meet long term goal
What participants must learn to meet the mid-range goal
**I will attach the template of the form

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Basic components: Identification of agency (mission appeared first on nursing writers.


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The post Two Part Assignment Part 1:
Basic components: Identification of agency (mission first appeared on nursing writers.

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