Political campaign

Research a specific presidential or congressional political campaign of his/her choosing from
between 1920 and 1970. The focus of the research will be on the slogans and paraphernalia used in the
campaign and what that reveals about the political culture of the period. The student will make a 6–8-minute
narrated Adobe Spark presentation in which he/she analyzes the significance of 1 slogan and 1 piece of
paraphernalia used by 1 candidate in the election. In order to make a presentation using Adobe Spark Web,
the student will need to create an Adobe ID by going to spark.adobe.com, which will enable the student to
access and use Spark Web for free. Students who already have an Adobe ID may use that to get Spark Web.
The student must provide a bibliography of at least 4 scholarly sources in current Turabian format. The student
must provide brief, verbal attributions of sources within the narration as appropriate (e.g., “According to so and

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