Perform a gap analysis to identify any gaps in relation to the company's current business processes and factors identified in the environmental analysis. Determine methods to address any gaps identified, including the following components:Person #1 Goals of the improvement plan. Organizational responsibilities for the project. Project management tools

Internal Environmental Factors: Includes organizational factors that influence the leadership approach, management strategies, and success of operations
• Culture – The organization’s value system, its risk tolerance level, and relationships (employer-employee, employee-employee, etc.) among other factors influence the overall culture and the project environment. The culture of The Cheesecake Factory emphasizes its people, individual efforts, and skills because it considers those factors as necessary ingredients to the success of the company
• Structure – The Cheesecake Factory is centered around a functional organizational structure, with a hierarchy of executives and specialized departments that perform a particular set of tasks (i.e., HR, Marketing, Finance, etc.). This option works for the company in managing projects successfully because specialized expertise lends to operational effectiveness
• Economics – Taking into account budget limitations, the PM will need to ensure funding availability to complete all phases of the project and establish relationships with functional managers, as needed, to ensure proper resource allocation
External environmental factors – Includes factors beyond the control of the company, which influence its direction and action, organizational structure, and internal processes (Pearce & Robinson, 2013)
• Remote – Although each remote factor is vital to organizational success, political factors, specifically legal and regulatory considerations, are pronounced for the delivery service project. Administering a food service enterprise, maintaining a vehicle delivery fleet, and retaining a staff of drivers are all regulated in some aspect and pose liability concerns. Therefore, taking a proactive approach in addressing remote conditions is crucial
• Industry – The Cheesecake Factory’s main concern is vendor and supplier delivery. The project’s success hinges on an on-time delivery of vehicles and other vital equipment such as warming and cooling ovens to be outfitted into each vehicle. Also, food quality standards will rely heavily on an effective logistics system. Considering more food will be required to meet the anticipated additional demand, an effective supply ordering system and reliable industry vendors must be put in place and become seamlessly integrated as part of the process
• Operating – Collaborative relationships are vital to ensure resources arrive on-time and may be purchased at a reasonable price. Therefore, the PM will focus on contracts favorable to the company (Legal Department will have significant input), while keeping in mind brand quality. The organization’s marketing staff will also play an important role in promoting this new endeavor and expanding the customer base
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