Operations Analysis

Choose any food and beverage (F&B) based operation from the UK, Europe or the World (the more specific you are the better i.e. not just a restaurant but the type of restaurant and even the name of a specific operation.

You are acting as an external consultant and have been asked to advise the operations management team on the key measures of operational performance that they should use to help control their business.

Initially you should summarise the chosen operation and review it critically. This will involve summarising the key positive and negative features of the operation and supporting these with external sources.

You will need to select, describe and justify two different measures of operational performance (operational KPIs) related to F&B operations that you feel would provide them with the key information they need to manage that operation effectively. So do not just think of what the measures are and details of how, where and when they would be calculated but why they are particularly relevant to the operation you have chosen.

The measures should allow you to control the operation on a day to day basis and so should be clearly operationally focussed and not the sort of measures or ratios you would use in financing the business.

You should include an executive summary which highlights the key issues you have discussed and your proposals to the management team.

The document structure should be as listed:
1. A front cover page
2. Table of contents
3. Main body
4. Appendices
5. Reference list


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