Not Making Any Progress? Write It Down

Not Making Any Progress? Write It Down.
By Ken Leonard Jr.
©2002 KLJ Online
Do you have a problem getting things done? Write it down.
Can’t find time to build your business? Write it down.
Are you in a rut, not making any progress? Write it down.
So, you have an idea of what you want to do, but you
need help actually getting started, right? Making a habit of
regularly writing down your goals will allow you to achieve
your “ideas”.
Start by using a “to-do list” daily. As you scratch off each
completed task, you are making progress. This feels great, and
will create much needed momentum for your home-based business.
Each Sunday, draw up a “plan of action” for the coming week.
Prioritize this list to get the most important tasks done
early in the week. This way, as your week progresses, you are
on a “down-hill glide” instead of an “up-hill climb”.
Next is setting your monthly goals. In the last week of every
month, establish your plan for the month ahead, and be
realistic. Don’t set such lofty goals that you can’t
accomplish anything. Start small and grow over time. At the
end of the month, re-evaluate your plan for that month. If you
didn’t reach many goals, set lower goals, and reach those. If
you reached all or most of last months goals, set higher levels
for the coming month’s plan.
Quarterly goal plans will help you to semi-regularly
re-evaluate your situation. This will show you which areas
need work, and which tasks are getting done.
The supreme motivating factors for your home business are
included in your long-range goals. This is “the big picture”,
your vision of what you want your business to be. This is
the reason for doing everything.
Think Big. You can accomplish anything with the right plan
in place. Setting and reaching your goals boosts your confidence
greatly. This is essential for your business to grow and
succeed in the long term.
Don’t sell yourself short. Write it down!

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