Multi genre sports literature

Form: Your final paper must include:
A preface to tell your readers what genres you are including and why
An introduction to your person
At least four different genres from different categories. (See list on following page)
A conclusion that ties your paper together
The four genres will be created and sent to me electronically OR through snail mail to my home as a final
project. You MUST pick one genre from each of the four different categories below, which represent varying
types of writing. Do not simply cut and paste four genres and call it a paper. Use your own professional
discretion as to the margins in each genre. As you will see from the following list, not all genres will be
completely non-fictional. You are free to merge the non-fictional research you with fictional context like in
Remember the Titans. Just remember that this project is sport-related in nature. In other words, each of your
choices must have a sport-related theme or context. For example, if you choose a Letter to the Editor, have it
be something related to a current sport problem or issue.
use these 4 genres, Newspaper article, poster for any sporting event, plays of the week, sports interview.

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