Methods of accounting for long-term construction contracts

LO 17-1 I, 17-36. Roscoe & Jones, Ltd., a CPA firm in Silver Bell, Arizona, has completed the audit of the financial 3 , 4 statements of Excelsior Corporation as of, and for, the year ended December 31, 20X 1. Findings related to the financial statements and the audit include • Although Excelsior has been in existence for a number of years and been audited for the past seven years by Roscoe & Jones, it is presenting only current-year financial statements. • Roscoe was unable to perform normal accounts receivable confirmation procedures, but alternate procedures were used to satisfy Roscoe as to the validity of the receivables. • Excelsior Corporation is the defendant in litigation, the outcome of which is highly uncertain. If the case is settled in favor of the plaintiff, Excelsior will be required to pay a substantial amount of cash that might require the sale of certain assets. The litigation and the possible effects have been properly disclosed in Note 11. Roscoe wishes to include discussion of this matter in the audit report.
• During 20X I Excelsior changed its method of accounting for long-term construction contracts and properly reflected the effect of the change. Roscoe is satisfied with Excelsior’s justification for making the change. The change is discussed in Note 12. • Excelsior issued debentures on January 31, 20X1, in the amount of $10 million. The funds obtained from the issuance were used to finance the expansion of plant facilities. The debenture agreement restricts the payment of future cash dividends to earnings after December 31, 20X 1. Excelsior declined to disclose these data in the notes to the financial statements. Roscoe considers this a material but not pervasive omission.
• Roscoe gathered sufficient appropriate audit evidence as of February 10, 20X2, and planned a report release date of February 16, 20X2. Required: Consider all facts given and prepare an auditors’ report in an acceptable and complete format, incorporating any necessary departures from the standard report.

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The post Methods of accounting for long-term construction contracts first appeared on nursing writers.

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