Identification of Future Leaders

Although numerous psychometric tests have been developed that identify characteristics and traits deemed critical for leadership, these tools do not ensure that individuals selected for leadership roles on the basis of their test scores will have, or will master, the competencies required to be an effective leader. As a result, there is a great and immediate need for selection tools that can identify potential leaders based on demonstrated competencies and observed behaviors.
Overview of Group Project – Part 1
The goal of the Group Project is to design/create an activity of some type (not a written survey tool/test) that could be used in part to identify the potential leader(s) from among any group of 6 to 12 individuals, based on their observed behaviors and/or demonstration of one or more Level 2 leadership competencies. (Refer to assigned Reading 1 – Leadership Competencies).
The activity does not have to be a new creation. It can be a unique variation of an existing activity commonly used for leadership development, skill development, or teambuilding; but it must clearly be relevant to, and support the assessment of, specific leadership competencies and it must be able to make objective comparisons between individual participants.
The activity must be able to be organized, explained to the participants, and completed within 30 minutes (maximum) and must include some method or manner of measuring/ranking each participating individual based on the selected/targeted competencies.
The activity may include the use of tools, equipment, materials and/or consumable supplies, but the initial cost of reusable tools/materials/etc. cannot exceed $20.00, and the total cost of consumable supplies cannot exceed $10.00.
Explanation of Requirements and Evaluation Criteria for Group Project
1. Familiarize yourself with the leadership competencies associated with Level 1 and Level 2 leaders, paying close attention to the observable behaviors of the relevant competencies.
2. Select one or two of the leadership competencies, and using the technique of brainstorming, for each identify several different ways the competency could be measured/quantified.
3. Search the internet and familiarize yourself with commonly used activities for leadership developing, personal/interpersonal skill development, and team building.
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4. Design an activity, which complies with the following parameters, which could be used to measure/comparatively rank the leadership competencies you selected. The activity must be designed:
a) for use with a single small group (between 6 and 12 people in a group) .
b) to be organized/set-up, explained to the participants, and completed with a maximum of 30 minutes
c) for use with adult learners
d) as an interactive activity, not an individualized activity (for example a paper-pencil survey/test)
e) as some form of an activity; supplemental tools, materials, supplies, etc. may be used in conjunction with the activity but initial total cost for reusable tools and materials cannot exceed $20.00, and the total cost for consumable supplies cannot exceed $10.00.
f) to be safe – no participant should be harmed or put at risk in any manner while engaged in the activity
g) to provide some method of scoring/ranking individuals within 5 minutes or less after the completion of the activity, and that is specific to the targeted competencies
h) as a unique creation – it does not have to be a one-of-a-kind original idea, but it cannot be plagiarized. Unique variations of existing, commonly used activities are permissible but the operative word is unique, superficial variations (changes in names, materials, etc.) of an activity are not acceptable.
5. Submit an electronic copy of a written explanation, set of instructions, and all supporting written/printable materials required for the activity before the due date and time listed in the class schedule, in accordance with the following requirements:
a) Title – centered, 12 pt. Times New Roman Bold font, name of the activity, followed on a new line by INMGT 400-Group Project – semester and year, followed on a new line by names of the group members in alphabetical order
b) Content – body of text left margin aligned, 12 pt. Times New Roman, double line spacing
– following the 12 pt. Times New Roman Bold font subheading ‘Description of Activity’ an explanatory overview of the activity.
– following the three 12 pt. Times New Roman Bold font subheadings Estimated Time:, Number of Participants:, Required Materials and Supplies: each on separate lines, the time required to set-up, explain, and complete the activity, the number of participants required for the activity, a list of materials (reusable) and a list of supplies (consumable) required for the activity. If nothing is required state NONE
– following the 12 pt. Times New Roman Bold font subheading ‘Targeted Competencies a 1-3 sentence explanation of the specific competencies and observable behaviors the activity is designed to measure
– following the 12 pt. Times New Roman Bold font subheading ‘Instructions’ a detailed step-by-step numbered procedure for setting up and completing the activity.
– following the 12 pt. Times New Roman Bold font subheading ‘Evaluation of Competency’ the assessment tool and/or ranking scale/tool and clear explanation of how participants are scored or ranked
– on separate pages, following the 12 pt. Times New Roman Bold center title ‘Appendix’ all additional written and/or printed materials used with the activity.
6. The following criteria will be used for evaluation:
Overview (2 points)
A clearly written overview explanation of the what, how, and why of the activity
Met expectations
(1 or 0 points)
Incomplete explanation – not clear as to what, howm or why
Lists (5 points)
All three activity requirements are properly listed and target competencies clearly explained
Met expectations (4, 3, or 2 points)
Missing information for one or two items
Fell short of expectations (1 or 0 points)
Missing information for three or more items
Instructions (5 points)
Complete, detailed set of instructions – easy to run activity
Met expectations (4, 3, or 2 points)
Confusing set of instructions lacking detail – difficult to run activity
Fell short of expectations (1 or 0 points)
Incomplete, useless set of instructions – impossible to run activity
Evaluation (5 points)
Assessment/ranking process/tool clearly explained and aligned with targeted competencies
Met expectations (4,3, or 2 points)
Explanation of assessment/ ranking process/tool not clear and/or not aligned with competencies
Fell short of expectations (1 or 0 points)
Assessment/ranking process/tool not useable and not aligned with competencies
Professionalism (3 points)
Followed directions, no formatting errors, no writing errors
Met expectations (2 or 1 point)
Followed directions and less than 3 formatting and/or writing errors
Fell short of expectations (0 points)
Did not follow directions and/or more than 2 writing errors
Timeliness (-2 pts penalty)
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