How Does Obesity Affect People

Obesity has reached an epidemic, causing serious health problems such as, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart diseases, sleep apnea, respiratory problems and diabetes.
I realize that Obesity is a big problem for a lot of people. And was curious to know how Obesity affects us. For my research paper, I will explore how exactly obesity affect People, and ways to prevent Obesity.
I want to know what Obesity is by definition. My main research question is how obesity affects people. My thesis is that Obesity is a growing Epidemic and that there are several reasons for one being Obese. This research will allow me to understand Obesity from many different aspects. In the introduction I will discuss the importance of the topic and provide details of my thesis. My research will be organized into different paragraphs answering the following questions. Paragraph 1 will include, what is obesity? Where obesity is found, what obesity can lead to. Paragraph (2) Unhealthy dieting, does our environment play a role in obesity, what is BMI? Good eating habits, and finally paragraph (3) Preventing obesity, Healthy food choices Tips on how to eat healthy and staying healthy. A conclusion will summarize my research and give suggestions on how to stay healthy.
Your goal in Essay 1 is to define in your opinion the most important issue or concept about your research topic/subject. Essentially this will become your argumentative thesis. The extended definition of your concept will help you support your argument.
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Remember to develop the introduction, identify the issue in your thesis, and provide adequate background information about your idea. Do not assume your reader is familiar with your topic.
Use different techniques to develop your argumentative thesis and explain its characteristics. For example: origin of idea, examples, illustrations, comparison, and contrast.
Format: Three Pages Double Spaced
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Use three (3) in-text sources to help you define and support your topic.
Create a Works Cited or References page with your three in-text sources listed correctly according to established MLA or APA conventions.

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