In this Assignment, you will be assessing the quality of services provided by hospitals. Likewise, you will also assess how these hospitals can improve their organizational performance. ● Using the Medicare Hospital Compare website, research two hospitals varying in quality performance* ○ One hospital should display a high level of quality ○ One hospital should display a low level of quality ● Provide a general overview of each hospital (e.g., name, location, bed size, ownership, etc.) ● Discuss the quality performance differences between hospitals (e.g., survey results, deficiencies, complaints, services provided, value, etc.) ● Discuss how the first hospital is able to yield a high level of quality. ● Discuss opportunities for the second hospital to increase their level of quality. ● Synthesize how each hospital could potentially increase value to their existing services. ● Report your findings by using one (1) of the methods below: ○ 3-4 page paper excluding front and back matter (APA standards apply). ○ I


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