HIV in 2007 and AIDS in 2014.

Read the following case study on John and answer the questions below.
John is a 46-year-old White male who was diagnosed with HIV in 2007 and with AIDS in 2014. He has been
prescribed ARTs but his MA is inconsistent. In 2012, John was hospitalized; there he was diagnosed with
cirrhosis of the liver and declining kidney function. In 2013, John’s medication regiment stopped working due to
nonadherence to the medication prescribed to him. John is an alcoholic and has been for the past 15 years,
having been a hard liquor drinker in the past, but currently drinking exclusively beer; he has a long history of
substance abuse but is not currently using illicit drugs. John has recently been housed in a community-based
Section 8 apartment near your ASO; he is a new client to your organization that provides behavioral health
1) Upon completion of an assessment, what might your treatment plan with John look like? Describe what you
would prioritize in the treatment plan and why you made this choice.
2) How might you work with John to better adhere to his medication? Where would you begin? What
therapeutic techniques would you use?
3) Given the negative interaction of many medication and alcohol, how might you use a harm reduction
approach in your work with John?
4) Alcohol may be used by John because he is isolated. What might you do to influence his social

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