For Phyllis Young only! ( homework week 7) Please read assignment carefully

7.1 Presentation: Charismatic Leader Case Study Select a real or fictitious leader for a charismatic leadership case study presentation. Avoid obvious choices such as Gandhi, MLK, JFK, or other well-known charismatic leaders. Originality counts! Using the following guidelines, post a case study presentation the charismatic leader you select. The presentation should be no more than 9 slides not including the title slide, Title Slide: Include a title for your case study and your name. Slides 1-2: Introduce the charismatic leader you selected and provide a brief background on his or her main leadership role and a defining moment in the leader’s career (i.e., military leader/WWII/defining moment, political leader/era/defining moment, community leader/cause/defining moment, etc.). Slide 3-4: Summarize one main concept from the readings on Charismatic Leadership and apply it to the case. Define terms and summary concepts Slides 5-7: Explain how and why this concept applies to the leader in this case study. Provide specific examples. Slide 8: Summary/Implications: Explain how information gained from this case study can be used in real life leadership situations. Slide 9: References 9 slides max. Include citations within the presentation.

7.2 Application: In 2-3 paragraphs, discuss how you will apply what you have learned from the article. How will information from the article change the way you approach a situation, project, or discussion related to this topic at work? Be specific. ( use this article) Sauer, S. J. (2011). Taking the reins: The effects of new leader status and leadership style on team performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96(3), 574-587.


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