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Community nursing assignment help
requires dedicated, empathetic and well trained personnel to perform the job.
The community nurses have to keep a multifaceted focus taking into account a holistic well being of the care seeking individual. The challenge lies in getting associated with the individual and understanding his/her physical as well as emotional needs. Realization of a patients pain and provision of an immediate cure to the same is what an effective community nurse does to ensure highest level of care provision. Creation of an independent feeling among individuals, who are physically disabled or psychologically challenged, becomes a tough task (Ruchinskas R et al (2001)).
Provision of care becomes more challenging if the case is of elderly people as they are more prone to both psychological and physiological illness. (Mitzi M. Saunders et al (2009)) Community nursing assignment help
helps in promoting the health and vigor of an individual as well as the community, thereby achieving a positive outcome and an enhancement in the wholeness of community.
It has been assessed that in elderly population, fall is supposed to be the leading cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions (Franklin, LL et al (2006)).In all fall related fractures, the most severe cause of health problems are hip fractures and they apparently lead to reduced quality of life consequently causing the highest number of deaths.
(Hall SE et al (2000)). To lessen the risks of falls henceforth preventing hip fractures rehabilitation interventions are of utmost importance, another crucial point remains post fracture rehabilitation care. These interventions are to be initiated within the initial few post operative days and are to be continued until the maximized functional skills within the community essay help by the individual is attained.
A thorough understanding and knowledge of the, resources available, recent treatment settings and the appropriate medical and rehabilitation strategies is indispensable to minimize post fracture complications (R. F. Zoeller (2007)). An orthopedic surgery combined with an early postoperative physical therapy is considered as one of finest approaches to treat Hip fractures.
Geriatric essay help hip fracture treatments goal is to revert back the patient to the pre-morbid function levels.

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