Do-Right Sports’ plans

Part 3 of the case is an individual assignment to write a paper on the case study. will be graded both on content and format.
The paper should address the following four items and should be no more than four pages. You may attach additional information to the paper as attachments, if you wish to do so. (Attachments are optional and not required.)
a. What do you see as the top three risks for Do-Right Sports? Explain why you feel that these are important risks with a few sentences on each.
b. Do you think Do-Right should go forward with the planned expansion of its facilities? Explain your rationale for your recommendation.
c. How might the evolving pandemic situation affect Do-Right Sports’ plans? Please explain your thoughts.
d. Do you think Do-Right should go forward with pursuing filing an S-1 and becoming a public company? Please explain your opinion and provide relevant supporting facts from the case.

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