criminal 3

answer the question on an answer sheet

Socio-economic disadvantages lead to an underclass that choose illegal solutions to basic human needs and wants (true or false):______________.

The social disorganization theory centers on a loss of social ___________.

Lower class anger and frustration over an inability to achieve success in the definition of the ______________ theory.

A ______________ mentality is evident when residents of poorer areas begin to become more suspicious of authorities and outsiders.

When a community begins to trust one another, and they are willing to intervene and maintain order in their neighborhood, this is a good example of ___________________ efficacy.

Anomie is considered the social instability resulting from the breakdown of standards and values (true or false): _____________________.

_____________________ Opportunity holds that youths who are denied the legitimate means to achieve goals will come together and form gangs that provide emotional support.

_________________ gangs focus on fighting.

Name and define one conduct norm (focal concern) that helps define the lower-class culture: _____________________________________________________________

At the heart of the code of the streets is the issue of ________________.

Name a group, organization, or process that can socially influence someone into criminal or deviant behavior: _________________________________.

According to the social process theory crime appears to be intergenerational (children follow that done by parents) (true or false): __________________.

Give an example of neutralizing behavior: _____________________________________________________________.

Under the social control theory, a strong sense of _________________ convinces someone to not commit criminal or deviant acts.

List one (1) of the four elements of the social bond that a person has with society: ______________________________________________________.

Give an example of a crime that can lead to social labeling: _____________________________________________________________.

Racial profiling is an example of social labeling that has led to allegations of police misconduct (true or false): _______________________.

Give an example or intervention that can lead to the avoidance of social labeling: ___________________________________________________.

Name a socialization activity at school that can lead to less criminal or deviant behavior: __________________________________________.

Detail the circumstances of a criminal act (without using names or locations) that you know about personally, and that you would attribute to social process theory (Note: there are no wrong answers here, I just want you to give a thoughtful and logical response): _______________________________________________________________________________________


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