Computer Security (System Investigation)

WidgetsInc has contracted Benny Vandergast Inc to develop their new web- based store. Benny Vandergast Inc has provided a VMware virtual machine for testing. WidgetsInc have decided to give you the job of evaluating the security of the system provided by Benny Vandergast Inc.

You should perform a security evaluation on the provided virtual machine image. You have not been supplied with either the IP address of the system or any usernames and passwords, you have have to discover these as part of your investigation.


Your report should include:

· A description of how you investigated the security of the system.

· include fully cited information on tools and techniques you used.

· A description of the results obtained.

· A proposal on how to secure the system.

· you should address each of the security issues you find.


Learning Outcomes

2. Propose and justify suitable security for a networked computer system.

3. Use a range of security-related tools.

4. Critically evaluate tools and techniques for system security.

6. Research and report on a security-related topic, using appropriate literature.

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