Can You Write Something On Air Flow Meters?

If you are a parent of a school going child, you will be bound to be studying along with your child every day. You will have more tension than he/she has when the exams are around the corner and, needless to say, you will know “your” lessons better. Though I consider myself a very straight forward disciplinarian, I could never have the heart of saying no to my son, when he asked me to help him with his studies.
What “Help” Means When It Is In Context With Homework
The meaning of “help” in the dictionary of a child is very different from what you will find in the Webster’s Dictionary. When your child asks for help, if you are wise, you will go and do some overtime in the office. If not, you will find yourself studying the subject so you could write the homework assignment, just like I found myself doing regularly every weekend.
Since my son was exceptionally brilliant in Physics, he took it as a major subject with Math and Chemistry is the minor. He omitted Biology as he found it disgusting. I, just to set the record straight, was an Arts student throughout with a Gold Medal in a Masters of Philosophy degree in English. I was good at writing – but I, of course, had my limitations which became very evident to me one day.
What Is An Air Flow Meter? Do You Know What Air Flow Meters Are Used For?
One Friday morning, my son got me breakfast in bed and then asked me permission to go on a fishing trip with his friends over the weekend. I agreed because I found it so sweet that he had taken the trouble to make me breakfast when he could have asked without going to such lengths to please me. I always gave in and he knew. My mom used to quote a saying, “When someone butters you, get prepared for the bite.” The bite came alright!
Just before leaving a bit too casually, he requested me to write a short assignment on air flow meters for Monday Physics class. I never suspected that I would have to work the whole weekend to fulfill this promise, but that is exactly what I had to do. Being an Arts student, I had no inclination on what the term, ‘air flow meter’ could mean. So, I got his Physics book and tried to educate myself.
After reading the lesson maybe the 20th time, I found that I still did not know what an air flow meter was or what it was used for, let alone write an assignment. Lastly, when I realized that I was beaten (thank God), I called an engineer friend who completed the assignment on air flow meters in just under 45 minutes.
Who says that parenting is a piece of cake?

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