Business essay

5 pages interview papers.
Leaders in organizations make things happen. This assignment helps you individually explore leadership further. Interview a leader of your choice. Please select a leader from off campus with whom you would like to learn. Treat this as an opportunity to gain access to someone with whom you may not normally interact. Possible interview questions may include: Can you please tell me about your job? Can you please tell some ways you use to control your employees? Can you please tell a problem you have faced in your job and how you overcame it? How do they approach working with people in organizations? How do they view their role as a leader? How do they motivate others? What have been the critical learning events of their lives? Do you think it is important for a manager to meet their employees out of the work environment? What insights do they have about ethical leadership? What counsel do they have for you or the rest of us in leading others? What do they read? How do they continue to grow as a leader? For example, how long have you been in this job? How do you continue to grow as a leader? What are some advice do you have for us to be a successful manager?
As you write, ask yourself the “so what” question – what have I learned about leading and working with others? How does this relate with our other readings? Write and submit to Sakai an approximately 5-pages summary reflection paper of your experience and learning.

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