Agile Project Management-Random Menu for House Chefs

Develop an Agile or Hybrid project proposal that includes the following:
1.Your company’s mission statement and objectives

  1. Conduct a competitive analysis report and identify your target market/ personas
  2. Define MVP, milestones, and added value for each sprint
  3. Create a backlog. Minimum 50 user stories and highlight the top 10 user stories in the PP. The rest of the
    user stories should be saved in an Excel file/ document
  4. Prioritize your sprints based on WSJF or MoSCoW Techniques
    6.Create a process map or wireframe (if applicable)
  5. Your roadmap should consist of six sprints (1 quarter = six sprints) and your deliverables (the added value
    for each sprint) should be sequential.
  6. Add Next steps/ Fast followers (after the 1st quarter) to your roadmap (if applicable). Note: your fast
    followers will have to be a high priority features that need to be done immediately after testing your market fit
    “Our company name is Smarter Tech., Ltd and the product name is Random Menu for House Chefs. It is a
    smartphone online App capable of both IOS and Android systems. The target customers would be people who
    need to cook at home but don’t know what to prepare. This App will inspire thoughts on how to cook based on
    the food they already have. For this app, the input is whatever food the customers have in their refrigerator,
    and the output is the menu based on the input. It helps family cooks save time and also helps people who have
    a hard time making decisions as well as decision disorders or problems. The main goal is to update the food
    recipe in the App system every week based on the customer’s feedback and survey, to make continuous
    improvement in a short cycle. The IT team will make sure the App interface is friendly and interactive for users,
    from old people to young people, and ensure the system is easy to maintain and operate stably. “

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