African American History Paper

Write a 3 page paper discussing your reaction to at least two different narratives recorded by former slaves.
The topic for your paper:
Read/listen to at least two different slave narratives and discuss what you learned and how these oral histories, in addition to what you have read in this course, has helped you to better understand the history of slavery.
Remember to explain what details and experiences these ex-slaves gave in describing the institution of slavery and the practice of slavery. Compare the two narratives for similarities and differences when appropriate but keep your focus on a discussion of how this course and the things you have read in the past few weeks have shaped your view of the history of slavery.
You must use the slave narrative site and reference both narratives in your paper
The link to where the narratives are:
You must have at least two sources from the Slave Narrative site
Pleas type the paper in Microsoft Word using Times New Roman font (12), double spaced, with the preset margins. Also note your paper will be submitted to the TURNITIN web program to check it for issues of plagiarism.

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