reflection on self and community



Follow these information to write the essay.

I want you to have some reading about this book: ” Reading for diversity and social justices” 4th edition. After reading it and have an idea about the topics start following these steps to write the paper.


By studying one’s relationship to categories of typical identity in U.S. society, we gain an appreciation about ourselves as individuals and our many similarities and differences in a manner that helps us build cultural competency. In this assignment you will write 250-300 words for each category about yourself in terms of race/ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ability, gender identity, and one other category of your choice. You will be given the chance to reflect on your own experiences, both academically and personally, in terms of your social context, your family background, and other factors determined by your own circumstances and upbringing and rank them according to personal importance and your research interest.



  • Content

Organize your paper into sections with headings.




2. Length is not the most significant factor for evaluating your paper. A short and well-written paper is far better than a lengthier one which full of wanders and repetition

3. Please use the class reading materials to make your argument. You are welcome to use other readings if you think that would be helpful to make your argument.


4. Quote articles by author(s) and year inside your text. If there is a lone author, the last name and year of the publication – e.g. (Giddens, 2014). If there are two authors,

5. Include the list of works cited at the end of your paper.

6. Please double-space all your paragraphs. That way it is much easier for me to interpret your work.

Organize your paper into sections with headings.

Here are the information that I want you to use in this paper which is about myself:

1. Race/ethnicity: Middle East (Iraq)

2. Gender: Male.

3. Religion: Christianity (Catholic).

4. Sexual Orientation: Attracted to female only.

5. socioeconomic status : Income is middle class, and education I’m working to get my bachelor from University of California San Diego.

6. ability : Write about whatever you like.

7. Gender Identity: Male.

8. And one other category of your choice. Try to find it from the book please.

Thank you so much


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